About Doncaster Fight

Sorry to all my friends and fans who are on their way to Doncaster this weekend to support me and Oli in a fight that is now not happening.

Sorry Oli Thompson, but because of reasons I’m about to give, you and I will have to put out fight on hold. It is going to happen. We are the best Heavy Weights in the country and it’s a fight both our fans would like to see.

I’ve been involved in the sport, MMA, for a while now and have experiences all types of hurdles along the way.

But this time, was a problem for me.

The event organiser of UCFC, Carl, offered me a respectable purse and a mediocre ticket sales commission.
During the buildup to this fight, it became apparent that ticket sales was important to Carl.
So much he offered me 100 x £35 seats.
I asked where these were. I never asked for them, neither did I say, send them to me. I have copies of our messages back and forth to prove this.
I mentioned that I would like one £50 seat so far and that I had 20 people interested in ringside or cage side seats.

Around 11:30 pm Wednesday the 24th, 3 days before my fight, he asked me about my sales and the 100 tickets allocated to me.
To which I didn’t respond well.
I did not ask for them and he insisted that I had them and that I was responsible for paying for them.

I called him the next day and to say the least, it was a ‘heated’ conversation.
I found him rude and disrespectful. And as a result, told him to pay me the purse in advance and I will fight.

We all know how that went…

So to be very clear. Carl was saying that if he didn’t find proof from Royal Mail that the 100 tickets were delivered or not, it would be his intention to deduct £3500 from my purse on Saturday!


Who sends £3500 worth of tickets without recording it???

(Don’t forget, I never agreed to them or asked for them to be sent!)

I now have more respect for Ken Shamrock than before. He has been fighting and dealing with promotors a lot longer than all of us have, and he smelled a rat, a mile away…

My message to Carl:

‘Pay me my money now, and I’m there tomorrow!
Stop dicking around!’

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